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Season’s greetings, Diverse FoCo friends!

What an unprecedented year 2020 has been. Global pandemic; the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and many other unarmed Black people that inspired world-wide protests; the largest wildfires in Colorado recorded history, the most important presidential election of our lifetime…it all makes you want to hibernate for a year or two, doesn’t it?

Despite the challenges, so many community members made time to join us for various online events to increase their awareness and advance their racial justice education. We are grateful.

From book discussionsWhite Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, There There by Tommy Orange, The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein — to the workshop “A Space to Process and Breathe for Black Folx” featuring Zhalisa Clarke of Luna Vibrations and coordinated by volunteer Mia Donley…

…from the panel discussion featuring live music, “Talking It Out: Being Black in America” and the webinar “COVID-19 Impacts on the Larimer County Justice System” featuring Judge Juan G. Villasenor — you were willing to be vulnerable, to listen, to ask questions, and to learn.

Co-Chairs Victoria Baumgart and Amanda Mansfield launched the DFC Action Committee, and volunteers created four subcommittees focusing on Environmental Justice, LGBTQ+ Safe Spaces, Policy & Legislation, and Voting.

What other events would you like to see in 2021? Email your ideas to DiverseFoCo@gmail.com. Stay tuned as the DFC Advisory Committee kicks off in January and decides on programming for the year.

We hope you’ll consider Diverse Fort Collins this holiday season so that we can continue providing lively programming that responds to the needs of our community. It’s easy to give. See details here.

A big thank you to our wonderful volunteers and community supporters who provided generous gifts. We couldn’t have done all this without you!

Apply Today to Serve on the Larimer County Planning Commission

We need more people of diverse backgrounds applying for boards and commissions.

The Larimer County Planning Commission has a vacancy. Read why here. The commission is responsible for adopting a long-range master plan for the physical development of the unincorporated territory of the county, and reviews and makes recommendations on zoning, rezoning, subdivisions and special reviews.

Read details and download the application here.

Author Teresa Funke spoke about children’s book V de la Victoria at the Dec. 13 Christmas event by G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice.

Children’s Book V de la Victoria Featured at “Christmas in Latin America” Event

Fort Collins author Teresa Funke spoke at the Dec 13 G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice event “Christmas in Latin America” to promote the Spanish edition of her children’s book V For Victory, V de la Victoria, based on a true story in the summer of 1943. Basado en una historia real en el verano de 1943.

Miguel Montoya se siente que lo han dejado a un lado.  Sus hermanos mayore están colaborando con los esfuerzos contra la guerra, pero lo único que a él se le permite hacer es llenar los entrepaños del negocio de la familia, y cuidar a su sobrino pequeño.  Todo cambia cuando él conoce a un veterano herido que necesita su ayuda, y el día en que su familia más lo necesita, es Miguel el que tiene que encontrar la manera para salvar a su sobrino.

Miguel Montoya feels left behind. His older siblings are doing their part for the war effort, but all he’s allowed to do is stock shelves in the family grocery store and watch his little nephew. All of that changes when he meets a wounded veteran who needs his help, and on the day his family needs him most, it is Miguel who must do his part to save his nephe, Victor.

Funke published a Spanish version of her popular book because she realized during author visits and book giveaways at local schools that Spanish-speaking students felt left out. Learn more at TeresaFunke.com

Support Local BIPOC-Owned Businesses

Looking for more holiday gift ideas? Check out the list of local BIPOC-owned businesses at DiverseFortCollins.com/businesses

Fort Collins Police Services Announces Plans for New Community Advisory Group

In October 2020, Fort Collins Police Services (FCPS) began a major strategic planning process to better align agency efforts with the needs of the community.

During this process, leaders identified the benefit of forming an external advisory group to help continuously improve communication, outreach, and service.

This volunteer group will collaborate with the agency to evaluate engagement and service delivery, with an emphasis on Communities of Color, LGBTQIA+ and historically underserved populations.

FCPS will share more information about the community advisory group formation and opportunities to get involved in early 2021. Read more here.

Join Diverse FoCo to Discuss Chapters 1-5 of Ijeoma Oluo’s Best-Selling Book

Mark your calendars and register today for the January 24 book discussion!

We offer and informal and friendly space to focus on the first five chapters of So You Want To Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo.

National Book Review said, “Oluo gives us — both white people and people of color — that language to engage in clear, constructive, and confident dialogue with each other about how to deal with racial prejudices and biases.”

Old Firehouse Books offers a 20% discount off the paperback if you mention the DFC book group.

Free and pay-what-you-can tickets are available. Details and registration: DiverseFortCollins/events

KRFC Radio Highlights Office of Emergency Management Response to COVID-19

This Tuesday, Dec. 15 at 6 p.m. on Faith in Progress, KRFC 88.9 FM Radio Fort Collins:

Rabbi Hillel speaks with Shayle Sabo of the Larimer County Office of Emergency Management about her office’s responses to the Cameron Peak Fire, to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the response to each of those affected the response to the other. 

This is part of a series of Faith in Progress programs focusing on how the Fort Collins and Larimer County communities have responded to the Cameron Peak Fire.

A slightly longer version of this interview will be available as a podcast later this week at www.KRFCFM.org.

Photo by Nappy.co “Beautiful photos of Black and Brown people, for free”

Heal The Healers Now

Healthcare Provider Wellness Program Through Transcendental Meditation

Heal The Healers Now is a new initiative to provide meditation to U.S. healthcare providers battling COVID-19 to reduce anxiety, boost resilience, and heal trauma.

For more information, visit Heal The Healers Now and David Lynch Foundation.

Gitanjali Rao spoke at G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice’s Women Empowering Women event
in March 2019 at Everyday Joe’s Coffeehouse in Fort Collins

Colorado Scientist Named TIME’s first Kid of the Year

Scientist and inventor Gitanjali Rao, 15, of Lone Tree, Colorado, has been named TIME’s first Kid of the Year.

It was just a year and a half ago that Rao spoke at a local Fort Collins event “Women Empowering Women: Leadership and Justice Forum” hosted by nonprofit G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice at Everyday Joe’s Coffeehouse.

She recalled not being taking seriously by companies she contacted to request lab space for her experiments; after reading about the Detroit water crisis, she invented a device that detects lead in drinking water. Rao also emphasized the importance of adults investing time in mentoring kids.

Read Angelina Jolie’s interview with Rao here. And check out her latest innovation, Kindly, an app that helps prevent cyberbullying.

I was always someone who wanted to put a smile on someone’s face…And it soon turned into, How can we bring positivity and community to the place we live? And then when I was in second or third grade, I started thinking about how can we use science and technology to create social change.

– Gitanjali Rao

Did You Know About These Other Sources of Local News?

Had your fill of mainstream media? Check out North Forty News/The New Scene Magazine, and The Colorado Sun for additional coverage of local communities.

Read essays about life during COVID-19 by local authors Laura Pritchett, Teresa Funke, Amy Rivers and Shelley Widhalm, among many others such as Aditi Ramaswami, Veena Raigaonkar, and Christi Romero-Roseth.

Check out other recent blog posts here:

We look forward to seeing you in 2021!

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    Thank you for the newsletter! I was especially excited to learn about the stock photo resources you shared. Much appreciated.
    I noticed the Environmental Justice committee. Where can I learn more and see how City of Fort Collins Natural Areas can support the efforts?

    Zoë Shark
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    The City of Fort Collins is an organization that supports equity for all, leading with race. We acknowledge the role of local government in helping create systems of oppression and racism and are committed to dismantling those same systems in pursuit of racial justice. Learn more.

    COVID19 Resources
    For all residents: https://www.fcgov.com/eps/coronavirus
    For businesses: https://www.fcgov.com/business/
    Want to help: https://www.fcgov.com/volunteer/


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