Please note: Diverse Fort Collins is a volunteer-driven community project, not a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Gifts are not tax-deductible but greatly appreciated.

Born in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2019, DIVERSE FORT COLLINS is a volunteer-driven community project dedicated to dismantling structural racism in our community. We connect people with resources and each other.

Let’s co-create an inclusive community!

All welcome!

Your gift helps DIVERSE FORT COLLINS continue to offer lively programming that responds to the needs of our community.

Thank you for your support!

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Poudre River fall Oct 12-2020 by KV

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“The conversation was fantastic!
I loved hearing folks’ views and perspectives.”

– DFC Event Attendee

“I always leave these meetings
feeling better about the human race.”
– Tonie

Thank you for getting me started on this journey.”
– Cynthia

“It was a wonderful event. The panel was perfect.
Thank you for hosting.”

– Teresa

“That was a wonderful event. I’m so glad I could be part
of it. Grew up in the Philadelphia area with Black friends and family, so this is near and dear to my heart.

“I’m grateful for Diverse Fort Collins
and the opportunities they’re creating for meaningful interaction between the white population
and people of color in our city.”

– Katharine

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