2023 Spring Equinox

Hello, Diverse Fort Collins friends!

Rebirth, renewal, awakening…whatever you think of spring and however you choose to celebrate it (or not), March 20, 2023 marks the start of something new.

What did you lose during the winter months? What did you gain? How have you changed?

Many people are grieving the loss of loved ones. Others are celebrating the birth of new family members. Whatever you and your loved ones are going through, be gentle with yourselves and each other.

A friend and I spoke recently about her nine-month-old nephew (the first grandchild) and my niece’s baby (nearly six months old and the first great-grandchild). Their smiles, their curiosity, their strong emotions…we’re obsessed, in a good way. This new generation symbolizes hope.

On the flip side, coworkers and friends are struggling with colds, Influenza A, and COVID. A cousin is adjusting to caring for his father, who was diagnosed with dementia. Two friends unexpectedly lost their sons, one to a medical event and the other to suicide.

Did you see these interesting clouds over Fort Collins on February 17? Photo by Katherine Valdez

Growing is a process. Healing is a process. What do you need to support you through this time? How do you take care of yourself?

For me, a balance of solitude and my favorite activities provide a sense of peace and well-being: keeping in touch with my family in California, hiking, singing, writing, reading, dancing, connecting with friends over coffee, a walk, or Zoom; watching the Oscar-nominated live action shorts and other movies (Cocaine Bear sold out shows at The Lyric; should I add this to my must-see list?), and laughing.

Not to mention watching favorite TV shows (Shadow & Bone, The Last of Us, Sort Of, Feel Good, The Mandalorian, Andor, Young Royals, Heartstopper, and others), reviewing friends’ screenplays, soaking in the tub with lavender Epsom salts, visiting art exhibits here and in Denver, and creating playlists of music to match my moods (Feeling footloose? Check out the costumed Valentine’s Day ball scene in Young Royals season 2, episode 4).

Something new for me is investing in my well-being, such as seeking a counselor better suited to my identity and lived experience, and attending online classes, events and in-person retreats with people of color who possess many identities.

Also: supporting people who gift the world with their creative endeavors (Tanaya Winder, Cori Wong, Siobhan O’Loughlin, and the creators of Abuelita Guille’s Hotsauce, to name a few).

Something wonderful happens when you share space with people of similar lived experiences.

Diverse Fort Collins continues to be a source of information and resources to connect with each other. We post news and events on Facebook and have fielded requests from individuals searching for consultants and classes, or who want to volunteer their time to good causes (see updated Local Resources on the website).

We’ve also heard from families who have moved or plan to move soon to our community, who want to know what kind of support exists here for people of color.

Keep up with local and national racial equity news:

City of Fort Collins Equity & Inclusion Office
– Equity Grant Fund applications deadline: March 27

City of Fort Collins Boards & Commissions
– Apply to serve on a board or commission

Local History Projects (Native, Asian American, Black, Latino, LGBTQIA+ and others)

Race Forward

As always, we welcome your stories (see Community Voices) and suggestions for Local Resources and BIPOC-Owned Businesses.

Thank you for following Diverse FoCo. Wishing you a productive and joyous spring!

Founder, Diverse Fort Collins

Magenta orchids in a  terra cotta pot next to green plants on a kitchen counter
This orchid blooms annually in January or February. What are you cultivating? Photo by Katherine Valdez

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