EVENTS: Sept 15 & Sept 28 Action Committee Info Meetings

Diverse Fort Collins (DFC) Action Committee invites you to attend one of two informational meetings at 7 to 9 pm on Tuesday, September 15 or 7 pm to 9 pm Monday, September 28 via Zoom.

Attendees will have the opportunity to share volunteer interests and what actions they want the committee to focus on.

DFC is dedicated to advocating for antiracism and racial equity, and offers a website to provide resources to the community related to antiracism, racial equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The purpose of the DFC Action Committee is to enable action around racial equity and work toward dismantling systemic racism in our Northern Colorado community.

We intend to partner with local anti-racist organizations and co-create inclusion with local partners.

The Action Committee also acknowledges intersectionality and aims to address multiple levels of social injustice in its work. (For a better understanding of intersectionality, see this Kimberly Crenshaw speech).

The September 15 info meeting has occurred.

The September 28 info meeting has occurred.

We look forward to seeing you at one of these meetings and working to promote racial justice!

Victoria Baumgart, Co-Lead, DFC Action Committee
Amanda Mansfield, Co-Lead, DFC Action Committee
Katherine Valdez, Founder & Executive Director, Diverse Fort Collins

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Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

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