Community members discuss good/bad binary of racism

Thank you to the 41 community members who attended the Feb. 23 Diverse Fort Collins book group!

We discussed Chapters 5-8 of Robin DiAngelo’s book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism.

Trying something new this time, we divided into affinity groups (people of color and non-binary folks, white women, white men, white women and men, social justice and equity/diversity/inclusion advocates) and reviewed information from the author’s Reading Guide:

Principles for a constructive discussion (such as “a strong opinion is not the same as informed knowledge”)

Common patterns and responses (such as “Positioning themselves as already getting this/Giving evidence for why this discussion doesn’t apply to them: “I already know all this.” “I am married to/have children who are____” followed by distancing (rather than insight and recognition that this doesn’t exempt them and their learning is not finished).

Silence breakers (such as “I’m really nervous/scared/uncomfortable saying this and/but…”)

…and finally the Reading Guide chapter questions.

If you haven’t read the book yet, here are chapter titles to give you an idea of the content:

Chapter 5 The Good/Bad Binary (He’s not a racist. He is a really nice guy)

Chapter 6 Anti-Blackness

Chapter 7 Racial Triggers For White People

Chapter 8 The Result: White Fragility

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers and facilitators for helping make this a successful event:

Mia, Jessica, Jamie, Ricardo, David, Victoria, Kit, Kimberly, Tom, Katherine, and Mara.

Thanks again to Rev. Kimberly and American Baptist Church for the gift of this meeting space.

***RESCHEDULED TO MAY 17***Join us on March 22 at 2 p.m. for the final meeting. We’ll discuss Chapters 9-12.

Details and RSVP at

We hope to see you then!

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